Halloween Ends

Released: 14th October 2022
Director: David Gordon Green
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton

I am grateful for Halloween Ends, why? As I know I will never have to endure another one of these movies. What started off as a fairly impressive return with Halloween (2018) has turned into one of the sloppiest and dumbest franchises I’ve had the pain of sitting through with back-to-back literal horror shows in Halloween Kills (2021) and now Halloween Ends.

Alarm bells were ringing as the opening credits hit as it credits a total of of four (yes four!) writers who contributed to his train wreck of a script. The fact that they had four people try salvage this and the final product is the best they could come up with is really concerning, the movie is all over the place.

What was so great about 2018 was how they brought Michael Myers back to his terrifying roots, Kills continued this slightly but Ends disregards everything that came before it. The chilling face of the franchise takes a backward seat to make way for a new killer and is genuinely only seen on screen for about 3 minutes. Now hiding in the sewers of Haddonfield, Michael forms some kind of connection relationship with Corey, a teenager who accidentally killed a child he was babysitting during the night Michael returned in 2018. Corey was cleared however as the police just assumed that because Michael killed other people that night then he must have killed this kid too. Great detective work from the Haddonfield Police Department I guess and a lot less paperwork!

Corey goes through a tragic transformation and starts to go around killing people he doesn’t like for no reason at all, sometimes with help from his new tag team partner Michael. The two hit it off like the Brothers of Destruction in one of the most stupidest plot points I’ve ever seen. It’s rather confusing why Michael, a lunatic who has a track record of killing everyone in his sight, firstly would let Corey live and secondly actually seems to work with him. The two even have a mini scuffle midway through which made me laugh as it resulted in Corey stealing Michael’s mask so he can wear it to kill off some more people. It’s never really established why they have this haunting bond with each other, I just assume that Michael sees Corey as a young version of himself. As for Corey, he becomes the ultimate copy cat and views Michael as some sort of role model or something? I really don’t know.

Trying to unravel the tragedy of Corey’s life is Allyson, who is doing a a pretty fine job of moving on with her life after Michael murdered her mother a few years previously. Allyson is now living with her grandmother Laurie, who has also seemed to put her obsession with Michael behind her too. What I don’t understand is that Laurie Strode is supposedly hellbent on stopping Michael at all costs in the previous two movies. It’s her mission to kill him yet all of a sudden he disappears and she’s ok with that? I mean did she not go looking for him even after he killed her daughter? He’s been living down in the sewers about 10 minutes from her house for four years you’d at least think she would be curious about him maybe coming back.

As Corey and Allyson start to get closer Laurie gets more suspicious of his actions, she has seen the face of evil before and does not like where this teen romance is heading. I haven’t liked where this franchise is heading since Halloween H20 either Laurie so I feel your pain! There’s a lot of weird killing montages involving Corey which morphs into him spending time with Allyson, it’s almost like the more evil he gets the more she likes him. Speaking of the kills, there’s one really crafty looking one when Corey heads to his local radio station to kill a DJ, the rest however are dull and nothing we haven’t seen before. The kills are what make these movies entertaining, 2018 had plenty of great kills but Ends tease us with good ones only for them to be majority off screen.

The movie’s marketing made a huge deal out of Laurie being the final girl and this was her final fight with Michael. You expect to see a showdown for the ages and the two do get to face off, it’s just a shame that this only lasts for brisk 2 minutes. Laurie couldn’t kill Michael with all the weapons in the world in 2018 but all she needs here is a few kitchen knives and with one slit of the throat Michael Myers is finally dead. To make sure that there’s no getting up, Laurie and the rest of Haddonfield take part in some kind of ceremony with Michael’s body before dumping him into an industrial shredder. When you think of how intense their clash at the end of Halloween (2018) was, Halloween Ends couldn’t kill Michael Myers quick enough in a very anti-climatic ending.

There isn’t even any interesting or entertaining support characters either. Unlike the previous two where you would get the odd laugh from a support character but their likely death, Ends just misses all of that out. What you get in return is a load of nasty people who you are actually quite glad end up dead at the hands of either Corey or Michael.

I didn’t go into Halloween Ends with great expectations but I at least thought for what was made up to be an epic finale would have at least been written properly and actually have included it’s main character and killer for more than a few minutes. It makes Halloween: Resurrection look like some sort of masterpiece it’s that bad and I’m not even surprised. Blumhouse thought they could reinvent the franchise and probably got too ahead of themselves after the first one done so well, everything after that however has showed that some characters and franchises are better off left dead, for good.

Rating – 3/10

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