Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame – 10/10


“We’re in the endgame now” – Doctor Strange

The 22nd film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being billed as the end of an era, the conclusion of a decade worth of storytelling. I was 10 years old when I seen Iron Man in the cinema back in 2008 and I didn’t think for one second the story would be reaching its end 11 years later.

Last year’s record breaking Avengers: Infinity War
brought all our heroes together to take on Thanos in his quest for the six Infinity Stones. Avengers: Endgame is a different type of superhero movie. Our heroes deal with the Infinity War fallout and it’s really about coming to terms with there biggest defeat. Endgame hits all the emotional levels and brilliantly captures that comic book magic. There is no other film experience like it in my opinion and it’s a perfect way to end the “Infinity Saga”.

One of best things is that Endgame is cut down half the characters from Infinity War, which featured a massive ensemble of heroes, everyone shares the spotlight in this one, even Hawkeye.

Speaking of Hawkeye, Endgame makes him more interesting than he’s ever been. We spend a significant portion getting to know him and what he’s going through, including a drastic personality change. He takes command of two of the film’s most emotional scenes, showing just how important his character arc has been since his introduction in the first Avengers.

Thor, again, lightens the mood. There’s a fun, unexpected change to his character that makes for great entertainment. That’s not to say his sole purpose is jokes although in my opinion they went a little over the top with the portrayal of the God of Thunder considering everything hes been through. 

Characters like Thor, Rocket and Bruce Banner/The Hulk make you laugh, but they can also generate some really powerful scenes, and each of the three do so throughout the 3 hours.

Then, of course, there’s Iron Man/Tony Stark and Captain America/Steve Rogers, who are the heart and soul of this franchise. The Iron Man movies remarkably kicked everything off over a decade ago, while the Captain America movies changed the game especially The Winter Solider which in my opinion is the best MCU movie to date.

How Iron Man and Captain America have evolved since their debut is truly a work of excellent character writing and acting. Civil War tore them apart, and in Endgame (as the trailer indicates), we see them together again. To see the duo exchanging words about trusting each other again and regaining their friendship is another massive part of the movie and both Robert Downey Jnr and Chris Evans’ performances are incredible. 

The biggest, well only criticism I had for Infinity War was the lack of screen time Captain America got despite being instrumental to the franchise so I’m glad he got a lot more time in this one and was back to being a main character.

The plot works wonderfully and it certainly builds to a climax that is bigger and bolder than anything Marvel has ever put on the big screen, even bigger than Infinity War. The emphasis is definitely more on character than spectacle here, but there are still plenty of great moments, including a finale that’s one for the ages.

I walked into the cinema with massive expectations but didn’t quite think I would see something as and if not more spectacular than Infinity War. Though I expected to be shown dazzling special effects and great sequences, I really didn’t see how any film could wrap up this decade-long series in a way that was so satisfying, while still giving us a reason to come back for more.

But Avengers: Endgame delivers on all levels and deserves all the accolades it’s receiving. While there have been a few stumbles across the 22 film series, there have also been more high points than low. Endgame brings the curtain down in superb fashion. It isn’t just as good as I was hoping it would be. It’s actually better than I could have imagined.

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